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Catalogue EcoSmart Fire 2021

Since 2004, EcoSmart Fire has established its position as a world-leader in the design, innovation and manufacture of bioethanol fuelled fireplaces.

Freestanding 4 Simple Steps Brochure

Integrate a freestanding fire element that is both beautiful and functional in just minutes.

25 Reasons to Choose Flex Fireplaces

25 Reasons to choose Flex Fireplaces versus a gas fireplace.

EcoSmart Fire Summary Brochure

An EcoSmart Fire is a bespoke piece of industrially designed fire furniture that exudes warmth, burns cleanly, and defines a space without dominating it.

Flex Fireplaces Brochure

Flex Fireplace Series ensures your next commercial project or residential renovation includes a captivating fire feature.

Ethanol Burners Look Book Extract

Specifying an ethanol burner? Find inspirational installations from our valued customers using our collection of ethanol burners.

Catalogue EcoSmart Fire 2020

Whether you’re creating a custom fireplace feature, renovating an existing hearth, or looking for an out-of-the-box system, we have a stylish solution to suit your needs.

Ethanol Burners Technical Extract

Specifying an ethanol burner? In this extensive document you'll find all of the details related to design and installation all in one place.

Grate Series New Release Flyer

Transforming a traditional wood fireplace into a contemporary, eco-friendly bioethanol fireplace is simple with the EcoSmart Fireplace Grates.

Grate Inserts: Features and benefits

Transform a traditional wood fireplace into a modern, clean-burning open fire in just minutes.

e-NRG Safety Data Sheet

e-NRG is ONLY to be used in compliance with these Operating Procedures and the Operating Procedures of the bioethanol fireplace where you intend to use this product.

Gin 90 Fire Table Release Flyer

Elegance, function and carefully conceived features combine to create a stunning focal point in the multi-functional Gin 90 Series of fire pit tables.

Fire Pit Kits New Release Flyer

Our Fire Pit Kits come with everything you need to install a complete multi-fuel fire pit in 3 easy steps.

2020 EcoSmart Technical Book

Specifying an EcoSmart Fire? In this extensive document, you'll find all of the details related to design and installation all in the one place.

Electric Fireplaces Brochure

Electric Series provides builders, architects, designers and homeowners with a realistic flame solution that can be easilly installed.

Flex Summary Brochure

EcoSmart’s Flex Series offers unprecedented choice and flexibility. From small to large, residential, commercial or hospitality environments we make it easy to achieve your interior design vision.

How to Configure Gin 90 Series

Select a Gin 90 fire pit table for your project in just 4 easy steps!

Outdoor Fireplaces

Create a social gathering point with an outdoor bioethanol fireplace! A cosy and warm fireplace will perfectly complement your contemporary indoor or outdoor space.

Choose Your Fire in 3 Simple Steps

How to choose your perfect fire in 3 simple steps. Select your start, select your finish and select your application.

Electric Summary Brochure

We have your electric fireplace solution - Electric Series is designed for all room sizes from residential to commercial environments. - EcoSmart Fire

Why EcoSmart Fire?

Because bioethanol is clean-burning, EcoSmart Fire models do not need a chimney or a flue, or a utility connection – offering the ultimate in design simplicity and flexibility.

Fluid™ Concrete Technology Brochure

From sourcing quality ingredients and mixing raw materials through to polishing and packaging, our Fluid™ Concrete Technology delivers a streamlined yet sophisticated system that delivers exceptionally robust, handcrafted products.

Look Book 1

This, our inaugural Look Book, is designed to showcase just some of the installations around the world, and the different ways that EcoSmart Fires – finished models, fireplace inserts, grates and burner kits – are being used.

Electric Full Brochure

EcoSmart Fire’s Electric Series provides builders, architects, designers and homeowners with a realistic flame solution that can be easily installed in residential and commercial spaces at a fraction of the operating costs.

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